The Onecell Community Phone Business

The Onecell community phone unit is a compact, low-cost, rugged and fully portable communications device designed to facilitate public GSM telephony. The unit is powered by AC or battery and features an extremely simple user-interface.

Terminal operators buy airtime from Onecell and resell that airtime for a profit to callers. To recharge his/her airtime credit, the Onecell operator simply deposits money into a dedicated community phones bank account (Absa). Money is then transferred from the bank account to the public phone/s, and is reflected on the Onecell control unit (meter) as an airtime recharge. The Onecell unit provides the business owner with a variety of security features, ensuring that information on calls made and credit balance checks are easily accessible. Furthermore, GSM-based telephony systems offer the public an economical alternative to pre-paid cellular rates, guaranteeing that a Onecell business will never be short of customers. The Onecell package also allows the entrepreneur to run a flexible business model, charging customers for calls in either a pre-payment (customer pays before making a call) or post-payment mode (customer pays after making a call).

The Onecell public phone business is an ideal investment for both the first time business owner and for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business. As there is no limit to the number of phone kits business owners can buy, they can run a whole network if they want. The Onecell package is also a highly effective means of adding value to existing enterprises. Communication services are a fundamental social need, and whether the operator is a shop owner, hairdresser or public service provider of any kind, the addition of a GSM-based phone service is a guaranteed method of drawing more customers into their existing business.

Onecell provides value-added solutions and optimum backup service to its family of business owners. All Onecell public phone units come with a full support guarantee, and, with a nationwide network of sales and support branches, our friendly Onecell staff are always at the ready to assist the operator with any of his/her support queries.